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1]pizza.jpg[/img] How to add multiple images to the database? I'm just trying to get a basic data storage and retrieval system up and running. A: The single images are created in the baseadapter.php and stored in the members_folder. So if your database folder is public_html/ then the images are stored in public_html/[baseadapter]/[id]/[image].jpg In baseadapter.php look for // get the first image $img = $this->files[$idx]->getRealPath(); $tmp = $this->files[$idx]->getTmpPath(); // find if the first image is an image $is_image = false; if (! isset($_GET[$idx]['im']) ) { $tmp = $this->files[$idx]->getRealPath(); $is_image = $this->files[$idx]->isImage(); } if ($is_image) { $this->files[$idx]->saveRealPath($img); $this->files[$idx]->saveTmpPath($tmp); } else { $img = $tmp; and replace it with if ($this->files[$idx]->isImage()) { $img = $this->files[$idx]->getRealPath(); $tmp = $this->files[$idx]->getTmpPath(); In your controller create the file as $path = $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']. 'a/members_folder/baseadapter/'. $id. '/'




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Redalert2yurirevengeserialkeys [Latest] 2022

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